HC HC-500 / HC-600

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HC-500, HC-600

Fully Automatic vision Solder Paste Screen Printer

Outstanding Accuracy Stencil Screen Printer Manufacture by HC Automation.
2020 UpdateHC Series including HC-500,HC-600 is a high performance quality stencil screen printer , for Accuracy it has built-in ±8micron alignment, and ±15micron wet print repeatability (≧2.0Cpk@6sigma) with 8 seconds total throughput, including print and stencil cleaning cycles. And accommodates PCB board from 50*50mm to 500*340    600*340mm, a 2 minutes product changeover time, and a new product set up time in 5 minutes.√ Squeegee adopt floating head are controlled by individual stepper motor.
√ patent unique double triangular structure of four-rail lifting table.
√ 2D Inspection Function.
√ patent double transport guide rail.
√ Automatic pressure check system.



PCB Size: 50*50mm~600*340mm
PCB Thickness: 0.2mm ~ 6mm
Printing Time: <8sec(PCB 200x150mm)cycle excluding cleaning
Alignment Accuracy: ±0.02mm
Repeatability: ±0.008mm(CPK≧2.0)
2D Inspection
Under Stencil Cleaning Wet/Dry/Vacuum(programmable combination)
Machine Alignment Capability 2 Cmk @ ± 8 microns (at 6Sigma)
Process Alignment Capability 2 Cpk @± 15 microns (at 6Sigma)
Core Cycle Time

(excluding printing&cleaning time)


< 8secs

Product Changeover Time <3 mins
New Product Set-up Time <10mins
Max. Size(L x W) 500mm(X)x340mm(Y)-600mm(X)x340mm(Y)
Min. Size(L x W) 50mm(X)x50mm(Y)
Thickness 0.2mm ~ 6mm
PCB Thickness Adjustment Automatic
PCB Max Weight 5kg
PCB Edge Clearance 3mm
PCB Bottom Clearance Programmable 13mm (25mm option)
PCB Warpage Max 1%(Based on diagonal length)
Clamping Method Motor controlled elastic side clamping + Manual retractable top clamp
Support Method Magnetic support pins ,bars, blocks, vacuum suction (option auto flexible Pin)
Conveyor System One Stage with 3mm “U”type transport belts ,front rail fixed
Conveyor Direction L to R ,R to L, L to L , R to R (software control)
Conveyor height 900±40mm
Conveyor Speed 100-1500mm/sec Programmable
Conveyor Width Adjustment Automatic Programmable motorised rear rail
ESD Compatibility Transport ball-screw and guides with surface resistivity between 10⁶ and 10ⁱⁱ ohms
Field-of-View(FOV) 6.4mm x 4.8mm
Fiducial Types Standard geometry, reference point, pad / hole
Fiducial Size 0.1mm to 3mm
Fiducial Recognition Image matching, mathematical algorithm
Vision Methodology Digital CCD camera Look up &down for Remote coaxial vision system four way

independent coaxial/ Geometry pattern match/Annular LED light source

Fiducial Locations Anywhere on substrate
2D Inspection Max.100 windows to inspect mission & insufficient(std.)


Two print heads adaptive floating head are independently controlled by high-precision ball-screw drives with a programmable transport speed.

Adjustable Stencil X Frame Mechanism

Adjustable Stencil X Frame MechanismBy a touch of a button.

Vision System

Vision SystemCC Series advanced CCD camera system optical ring uniform and high brightness of the coaxial light the need for specialized fiducial marks—any pad.

Cleaning System

Cleaning System
Automatic wet/dry/vacuum understencil cleaning.

Patent Transport system

Patent Transport system
Transport rail is motorised width adjust with double guide rails.

2D Inspection System

2D Inspection System2D inspection and SPC tool are included.

Single Stage Conveyor with U-Shape Belt

Single Stage Conveyor with U-Shape Belt
Automatic conveyor width adjustment and software control flow direction.

Lifting table

Lifting table
patent unique double triangular structure of four-rail lifting table.


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