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Since 2004, Premtronic has been providing exceptional end-to-end electronic solutions to a large number of businesses in the electronics industry.

Premtronic is a total solutions provider company of the new era in the field of electronics industry.

We fullfill your SMT and Semiconductor needs in terms of machine sourcing and process solutions. We go the extra mile in ensuring your exact needs and expectations are met.

We also cater to services in the failure analysis and reliability sectors which are fast, efficient, reliable and reasonable

At Premtronic, we ensure that you get access to competitive pricing, services and world class machines – as we believe in becoming your number one partner and delighting you always.

SEC X-ray X-eye 6300

High-speed In-Line 3D CT Inspection System

Automatically inspects the defects of products in customer’s line with high-speed 3D CT tomography.

Able to inspect every defects of Double-sided PCBA & BGA mounted components precisely by solving overlapped X-ray image issue.

Inspection speed of 4 sec/FOV from loading to automatic Good/NG judgement.

Magic Ray AOI V8
Magic Ray AOI V5000

High Precision, High Speed Offline and Inline AOI

Magic Ray AOI V8 Series

  • For post-reflow and post wave soldering offline inspection
  • Powerful algorithm logic functions for odd shape component inspection
  • Most sophisticated offset correction software position for flexible PCB inspection
  • Programmable control RGBW ring shape LED light source
  • Safety gratings

Magic Ray AOI V5000 Series

  • For pre-flow, post-flow and inline paste inspection
  • High resolution for 03015 component
  • Feature analysis algorithm logic functions for solder joint inspection
  • Powerful algorithm logic functions for odd shape component inspection
  • Position offset correction software for flexible PCB inspection
  • Stable telecentric optical Lens
  • High accuracy industrial camera&granite platform
  • Intelligent programmable control RGBW ring shape LED light source
  • Offline programming and real-time debugging
  • Complete algorithm for wave soldering dip component inspection
  • 3 Point Check Solution


DP1000 is the brand new automated programming system developed by DediProg. It is extra lightweight and compact compared to DP3000, as the size is 50% smaller!

With the ProgMaster Universal Programmer embedded in DP1000 and various input/output peripherals, the system can provide an overall solution for IC programming.

Support all kinds of IC families, such as SPI NAND/NOR FLASHEEPROMeMMCMCU…etc. The system is embedded in 2 sets of ProgMaster-S8 Programmer providing 16 programming sites which providing stable quality and high throughput.

  • The Fastest & No.1 Router in the World
  • Dual Station Concept Router for the Fastest & Mixed Production
  • Independently Dual Transfer for Minimizing Idle Time
  • High Efficiency Dust Collecting System for 0% Remaining Dust
  • Quick & Easy Programming with Camera & MPG/Jog
  • User Friendly GUI based on IPC& Touch LCD
  • Compact Design

Foresite C3

Critical Cleanliness Control®

More residue-related, performance and reliability issues are affecting electronic assemblies today than ever before. The Foresite C3 Critical Cleanliness Control® is unique among electronics cleanliness testers – it remains the only tester on the market that indicates whether a specific, critical area of a PCBA is clean.

Modus Conformal Coating Inspection AOI