Yamaha 3D Hybrid Optical Inspection System YRi-V

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Multi-purpose optical inspection systems for all markets that realise super high-speed and high-accuracy 3D inspections. The mounted coaxial lighting and 5μm lenses added to the lineup support high-accuracy inspections in the device sector.

3D Hybrid Optical Inspection System YRi-V
  • Super high-speed 3D inspections
    56.8cm²/sec (under optimum conditions)
  • Super high-accuracy 3D inspections
    8-way projector
  • 4-way oblique imaging inspections
    20Megapixels 4-angle camera
  • Device inspections
    Super high-resolution 5μm/coaxial lighting


3D Hybrid Optical Inspection System YRi-V


Applicable PCB L610 × W610mm (max.) to L50 × W50mm (min.) (single lane)
L750mm long length PCBs available (option)
PCB height that can be carried in Top : 45mm, bottom : 85mm (single lane)
Maximum 3D measurement height 25mm
Number of pixels 12Megapixels
Number of pixels of
the 4-angle camera
3D inspection speed
(under optimum conditions)
12μm resolution 7μm resolution 5μm resolution
56.8cm²/s 19.6cm²/s 10.1cm²/s
External dimension
(except the protrusions)
L1,252 x W1,497 x H1,614mm
Weight 1,480kg
Specifications and appearance are subject to change without prior notice.

External dimension

Super high-speed and high-accuracy inspections

New type of inspection head

The newly developed high-performance inspection head significantly improve the inspection performance of the 2D inspections, 3D inspections, and 4-angle cameras. The inspection performance can be applied to all SMT sectors.

Super high-speed inspections

Yamaha’s proprietary high-rigidity frame realizes high-accuracy and super high-speed inspections. The inspection speed is 1.6 to 2.0 times as before, which supports inspections in mass-production.

8-way projector / 4-way projector(select)

The 8-way projector added to the lineup has enabled inspecting 0201mm components mounted adjacently. The projector reduces the number of blind spots for large components, realizing high-accuracy 3D inspections. The increased 3D measurement range enables 3D inspections of components with heights of up to 25mm.

20Megapixels 4-angle cameras

20Megapixels high-resolution cameras were adopted. Clear images enable accurate secondary judgment. The higher picture quality improves the accuracy of automatic inspections based on oblique images.

Capable of inspections in the device sector

New inspection functions required in the inspection process in the device sector were developed. Capable of detecting minute problems such as cracks and chips on semiconductor components (e.g., wafers and WLCSPs), contributing to improving the quality of device products.

Super high-resolution 5μm lenses

The 5μm lenses added to the lineup are capable of higher definition inspections compared to the conventional 7μm lenses. The lenses improve the performance of high-accuracy inspections of super-tiny components (e.g., 0201mm components) and inspections of minute problems such as cracks and chips on components.

Coaxial lighting mounted

For accurate inspection of the surface of mirror-finished components, coaxial lighting was added to the Yamaha’s proprietary 3-step white dome-shaped lighting. The system for which the inspection performance required in the device sector was improved takes images of the surface of semiconductor components (e.g., wafers and WLCSPs) clearly.

Enhanced PCB conveyance capability

Large PCBs conveyable

YRi-V can handle large PCBs with L610mm and W610mm as a standard. The dual lane system can convey large PCBs with W320mm on the two lanes.

Dual lane system

The newly developed dual lane system can operate each lane flexibly. The system that can be easily connected to upstream and downstream equipment contributes to establishing dual-lane lines flexibly.

Small PCB conveyance
Conveyance of 2 types of products
The total PCB size is up to 640mm.
Conveyance of a same type of PCBs

Latest software solution using AI

Latest software solution using AI

New easy-to-see operation screens with advanced design were adopted. New functions mounted make it possible to create data in a simple way.

Mobile Judgement and QA option

Inferior images are sent to the operator’s mobile unit via a wireless LAN, which makes it possible to judge pass or fail remotely. The system allows line operators to also make decisions, contributing to labor savings.

Automatic inspection data creation

The system can directly convert all types of data (e.g., CAD, CAM, and mounter data) into inspection data and automatically creates PCB images from Gerber data. The system detects through holes on DIP PCBs automatically and can create inspection data automatically.

Automatic component library matching [AI function]

AI automatically identifies the component types based on images taken by the camera and applies the optimum component library automatically, contributing to simplifying the inspection data creation.


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