Pemtron TROI-2200TL

Color 3D SPI (Solder Paste Inspection System)

  • Dual 3D Projection
  • High Speed & High Accuracy Real Color 3D Image
  • 64 Bit Windows System
  • High Accuracy Ball Screw SPC Management
  • Friendly UI



Technology & Features:

Dual Projection+2D

Combination of 2D & 3D inspection eliminates common shadow problem with SPI systems.

High Speed & Performance

By improving the camera inspection speed, TROITM show same performance as single projection.

User Friendly Graphical Interface

Self-developed Gerber Editor controls the main functions on one page which means it’s eliminating the effort of switching between multiple screens. It is also possible to register or edit the data quickly and easily by any users.

Color 3D SPI

Conventional SPI methods could only calculate heights above silk print levels, but by using patented color enhancing algorithm TROITM could overcome these problems.

In addition, a fully rotational 3D view of the solder form is displayed. This enables users to view a “life like’ image of the pad eliminating the need to extract the board from the line to view the defect under a microscope.

High Accuracy Ball Screw Motor

The use of Ball Screw X and Y stages, TROITM provides a high accuracy under ±10μm.

Enhanced SPC Process management System

SPC system analyses the defective data and controls the process problems or the production rate at a look. SPC data can be saved in a various file format such as HTML, Excel, Image and etc as users like.
Also with the enhanced SPC server function, data from both lanes can be controlled together or individually.

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