E by SIPLACE sets new placement quality standards in the all-round segment. It places all components in the right position and with the correct force – thanks to high-precision lineardrives, programmable placement forcesensors, and the unique SIPLACE digital vision system.




Placement Heads
The SIPLACE placement heads are famous for their precision, speed and flexibility:
• Reliable, individually programmable placement force control
• Automatic adjustment to board warpage
• Combined collect-and-place and pick-and-place units turn a single-gantry E into the first real all-rounder

Each component in exactly the same position every time:
• Smartfeeder E precision drives
• Closed-loop control system
Smartfeeder E:
• Calibrates itself
• Features exceptional robustness
• Hot-swappable
• Requires very little maintenance

Component Tables
The new E by SIPLACE component tables:
• Support fast setup and tear-down of feeder modules, even during the placement process
• Work with Smartfeeder E and more feeding options
• Offer a total of 120 8 mm feeder slots with two component tables attached to the E by SIPLACE

Maximum head speed and precision:
• State-of-the-art linear motors
• Exact positioning via high-resolution scaling
• Modern sensors
• Decades of experience in control software
The stiff chassis and precise linear drives deliver quality by design and for a long time to come.

Digital Vision System
E by SIPLACE features high-resolution SIPLACE digital vision system:
• Each component is individually captured and inspected
• Individual lighting configurations capture more details than shapes
• Wizards for extremly fast and reliable teaching
• Easy teaching with modern image recognition algorithms
• Always operates at the highest speed, even for the smallest components



Placement headCP14CP12CP12/PPCP6/PPTH
01005 –
6 x 6 mm
01005 –
18.7 x 18.7 mm
01005 –
45 x 98 mm
0201 –
45 x 98 mm
0201 –
200 x 110 mm
4 mm7.5 mm19mm19mm25mm
E-Accuracy (3σ)41 μm41 μm37.5 μm37.5 μm22 μm
E-Speed45,300 cph24,300 cph24,200 cph13,700 cph5,200 cph
Air consumption90 NL/Min90 NL/Min140 NL/Min140 NL/Min185 NL/Min
Placement MachineSIPLACE E
HeadsCP14, CP12, CP12/PP, CP6/PP, TH
PCB size (LxW)*1,200 x 460 mm
PCB thickness0.3 – 4.5 mm
Feeder capacity120 x 8 mm
Power supply3 x 200/208/220/230/380/400/415 VAC ± 10%, 50/60 Hz, 1.8 KW
Compressed air5.0 bar (0.5 MPa) - 10.0 bar (1.0 MPa)
Dimensions (LxW)**1,460 mm x 1,730 mm
Weight***1,850 kg