MAS Series inline selective soldering machine with most production yield.

Its included spray fluxer & solder pot at individual motion table, machine can accommodate 3 pieces board at same time, with in-line roller for conveyors.

Meanwhile it’s with industrial PC for programming & controlling, base on English Window 7 system, it’s a best choice for customer looking for production yield.



MAS-31/32 Selective Soldering Machine is formed by 3 processes as blow and all the processes are integrated into one compact machine.

Selective spray flux part: > It can do selectively flux spraying to required position on PCB.

Preheating part: > It will heat up the PCB and active the flux performance.

Selective soldering part : > It can do selectively soldering to required pad on PCB.


ItemMAS 31 / 32
Operating power/Max power4--15KW / 5--17kw
Machine Dimension3100(L)*1650(W)*1700(H)
Net Weight1200KG / 1300KG
Power Supply3PH 380V 50HZ
Exhausting Required500M3/h
Inline SMEMA Auto Load ConveyorStandard
Minimum Board Size50 x 50mm
Maximum Board SizeW400 x L400 / Pallet W500 x L400
Edge Clearance3 mm
Conveyor motorstepper motor
Conveyor speed200MM-1800MM/Min
Conveyor directionLeft to right
Conveyor typeStainless steel Rollers
PCB clamping systemSide clamping
Robotic Platform for fluxing 
Axes of MotionX, Y
Motion ControlClosed Loop Servo
Position Accuracy+ / - 0.05 mm
Frame TypeWelded Steel
Flux Management 
Spray Flux NozzleSelf designed spray valve (4mm - 10mm Coverage) Or drop jet valve
Spray nozzle quantity1 / 2
Spray Flux DurabilityHigh Durability Stainless Steel
Flux Capacity2L
Flux TankConstant pressure tank
Solder Management 
Standard Solder Stations1 / 2
Solder Pot Capacity15 kgs / pot
Solder Temperature ControlPID
Heat-Up Time35 Minutes
Max Temperature380 C
Solder Pot heater3kw / pot
Wave height close loop controlStandard
Solder Nozzles 
MiniWave NozzlesDia 2mm ----8mm
Customized nozzleAvailable
Nozzle MaterialProprietary Alloy
Nitrogen (N2) Inertion Management 
N2 heaterstandard equipped
N2 Temp PID Control Range0 - 350 C
N2 Consumption per Nozzle0.5---1.2m3/H / 1--3m3/h
Required N2 Purity | OxygenO2 < 20 PPM
Software | Control 
Typical Path Program Time10 Minutes
Programming methodIndustrial PC programming base on English Windows 7 system