FLEX Series compact inline selective soldering machine with most flexibility . It’s include spray fluxer & solder pot at same x,y,z servo moving table, optional with top preheat zone, with in-line roller for conveyors. Meanwhile it’s with industrial PC for programming & controlling, base on English Window 7 system, it’s a best choice for customer looking for flexibility more than production yield.


Machine working concept:

PCB will be moved in machine with stainless steel wheels conveyor system, after it’s stopped by stopper, it will be side clamped by rear clamper cylinder, then the spray fluxer will start to work under setting program, after that the same table will move x,y,z to move solder nozzle under PCB for selective soldering. During whole process, the top preheater can be on to help keep the PCB’s temperature.

Software System

Solder It

“Solder It”is a Windows OS 7 based software to create a solder program for each single solder point,with an easy POINT AND CLICK tool a repeatable solder program is done within minutes.

Standard equipped with Fiducial point setting, easy to get good repeat-ability of position.Programming under Gerber information,more precision information than picture All PCB information will be set and stock like dimension etc.

Empty Move Time,Site Working Time,Total Time:user can find Estimated Time for Empty Move, Site Working and Total.

Wise assignment contains every basic feature which are used to prepare machine before starting production,including Auto Home,Sensor and Axis Status,Auto Wave Height Calibration,Auto Solder Fill-up and Navigation for position calibration.

Strong database system, use machine longer time the more database will build, no worry for changing new operation.It will save flux information, fluxer nozzle information, solder information, solder nozzle information. And all information Will be record under the PCB’s project information with the programming path & temperature information. For future same board running, just use the same configuration.

At the production page, it will show in-time working position, fidicious camera, and main parameters.

Pallet Details:It is the information about pallet,and it can choice which one working or not.

Machine’s setting will be opened for superior engineer.
Can determine the wave calibration location, how often, very useful & necessary unction to get a uniform soldering quality.
Can determine location to feed solder wire, protection to feed too much solder and overflow the tank.

Log function. Can set 3 level different users. All logs will be saved and customer can check who use the machine and what happen.

Motion System

Spray Flux

Servo motor ,ball screw and linear rail for x,y ,z axis motion system, all motion system like ball screw, linear rail from best brand HIWIN in Taiwan.

Standard equipped with spray valve , which can meet minium dia 10mm flux dot dimension.and Pressure flux tank with regulating valve to make sure flux is always under same pressure, so to provide stable fluxing performance.

All servo motor, driver are from Japan originally. Panasonic or TAMAGAWA SEKI. After assembled, all motion system is in seal condition, no flux or partical enter into ball screw.

Optional with drop jet valve from Germanny originally, which can meet dia 2mm flux dot dimension.

Stainless steel rollers for conveyors, can accommodate for both pallet & PCB. Meanwhile, it can minimize the PCB edge to 3mm. ( all position more than 3mm will be able to solder) Standard with front rail fixed and rear rail movable, both rail are equipped with stepper motor for conveyor individually.

Pressure flux tank with regulating valve to make sure flux is always under same pressure, so to provide stable fluxing performance.

Flux tank & acohol interlock, can swith to clean nozzle in short time

With filtering system for flux, avoid nozzle get clog.


Selecting Soldering Pot


ItemFLEX-400 / FLEX-600
Operating power/Max power2~5KW/9KW / 2-5.5KW/10KW
Machine dimension1700(L)*1650(W)*1700(H) / 1810(L)*2045(W)*1700(H)
Net weight900KG / 1200KG
Power supply1PH 220V 50HZ
Exhausting required500~800M3/h