Mingsu Selective Fluxer


  1. Automatic selective spray and special comprehensive spray
  2. Pallet and pallet is no gap operation
  3. X Y platform structure, accurate positioning spray target position, no blind area
  4. Production database, production records, alarm record, query and export
  5. Spraying position pattern recognition, simple operation, fast programming (5 minutes)
  6. Auto recognition of different products, spray program switching automatic, can achieve 16 different products at the same time production
  7. Can also use 3 different flux, no need to switch back and forth flux
  8. Offline operation, get rid of dependence on computer
  9. SMEMA connecting upper and lower machine, signal communication




  • Saving a lot of flux (> 60% up to a maximum of 95%)
  • Reducing solder dross, saving solder bar
  • Point flux supplement, improvement of welding quality
  • Reduce emissions, protects the environment
  • Module type structure is convenient for maintenance, fast repair
  • Auto extraction of flux, reduce workload