Dediprog DP3500

DP3500 with NuProg-S8 programmer embedded is designed for UFS/eMMC high speed programming or duplication.

The system can be configured with DediProg’s ProgMaster universal programmer to support MCU and various other ICs.

DP3500 is able to accommodate 48 sockets and most suitable for high volume production. It is designed for high throughput and reliable; should be the undisputed choice for eMMC/UFS programming.




  • Support All IC Families and different Input/output Peripherals
  • Able to embed six NuProg-S8 or six ProgMaster-U8 to expand up to 48 socket sites. Even can combine three NuProg-S8 with three ProgMaster-U8.
  • Modular Design
  • Adjustable Socket Actuating Kit
  • High Throughput, 1400 UPH
  • Software Support Work Project
  • Optional Ink Marker When Tape Out