Dediprog DP3000

With the ProgMaster Universal Programmer embedded in DP3000 and various input/output peripherals, the system can provide an overall solution for IC programming.

DP3000 not only supports all kinds of IC families, such as NAND/NOR FLASH, EEPROM and MCU..but also offers different input/output options of tube, tape and tray.

The system is able to be embedded with 6 sets of ProgMaster-U8 Programmer providing 48 programming sites so that DP3000 can perform high throughput even if handling high density memories, like NAND FLASH.




  • Support All IC Families and different Input/output Peripherals
  • High Expansibility
  • Modular Design
  • Adjustable Socket Actuating Kit
  • High Throughput, 1500 UPH
  • Software Support NAND FLASH Bad Block Skip and Partition Programming
  • Software Support Work Project
  • Fast & Accurate Positioning
  • Optional Ink Marker When Tape Out