Trident ZDO

Zero Discharge Fully Automatic Cleaning System and Cleanliness Verification System

Trident ZDO provides fully automatic wash, rinse, cleanliness verification, and dry functions and is capable of removing any flux from any alloy without sending a single from of fluid to the drain. Equipped with an asymmetrical fan-jet spray system, Trident ZDO's twin stainless steel counter rotating spray bars feature twenty stainless steel fan-jet nozzles project precision-diffused wash solution and rinse water onto a shadow-mitigating oscillating board rack. This spray system was implemented to deliver controlled fluid energy underneath fine-pitch components. Trident ZDO is pre-plumbed to accept an optional upper board rack assembly for even higher throughput.

Trident ZDO includes a closed loop (zero discharge) wash solution section and an zero-discharge rinse section.


  • Removes Any Flux From Any Alloy
  • Closed-Loop (Zero Discharge) Wash Cycle
  • Zero Discharge Rinse Cycle
  • Automatic Wash, Rinse, and Dry Cycles
  • Built-In Programmable Cleanliness Verification Testing
  • Built-In Closed-Loop Rinse Water Recycling System
  • Unlimited Program Recipes
  • Graphic User Touchscreen Interface
  • Automatic Chemical Dosing and Mixing System
  • Optional Real-Time Chemical Concentration Monitoring
  • Advanced Statistical Process Control (SPC) Data-Logging
  • High-Power Forced Hot-Air Convection + Radiant Drying System
  • Built-In Programmable Maintenance Reminders
  • Pre-Plumbed for optional Upper Board Rack
  • Available Four-Position LED Status Light Tower