Trident CLO

Fully Automatic Closed-Loop Cleaning System for Removal of Water Soluble Contaminants

Trident CLO provides fully automatic cleaning, cleanliness verification, and dry functions at the push of a single button. Equipped with an asymmetrical fan-jet spray system, Trident CLO's twin stainless steel counter rotating spray bars feature twenty stainless steel fan-jet nozzles project precision-diffused deionized water onto a shadow-mitigating oscillating board rack. This spray system was implemented to deliver controlled fluid energy underneath fine-pitch components.


  • Removes Water Soluble (OA) Flux
  • Cleans Using DI Water Only (No Chemicals)
  • Fully Closed-Loop Operation
  • Automatic Cleaning and Drying Cycles
  • Built-In Programmable Cleanliness Verification Testing
  • Unlimited Program Recipes
  • Graphic User Touchscreen Interface
  • Advanced Statistical Process Control (SPC) Data-Logging with Available Barcode Scanner
  • High-Power Forced Hot-Air Convection + Radiant Drying System
  • Built-In Programmable Maintenance Reminders